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A Toothache is a Serious Issue

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Many times, people tend to overlook the complexities of their entire bodies. The human body is a complex machine with thousands of working parts to keep it functioning properly. One of the most amazing things about the human body is how it gives us “warning signs” when something is amiss. The body’s alert system is a wonderful way to help you stay healthy and take care of issues when they arise. It is important to remember that your mouth is a specific part of the body that has its own alert system. If you have a toothache, it should never be ignored.

Each tooth inside the mouth is an individual living feature of the body. Each tooth has its own root system, nerves, and bloodline that supply it with life. A tooth that becomes severely infected or damaged will die – and it is often a very painful experience. Because the mouth consists of 28 individual teeth that are in close proximity to one another, any issue with one tooth can quickly spread to neighboring teeth and cause a whole host of issues within the mouth. Therefore, any time you experience a toothache, it needs to be taken seriously.

Luckily, the teeth are very sensitive to damage, injury, and infection. This sensitivity allows people to notice even the slightest discomfort – putting them on alert that there is trouble. When taken care of immediately, most often the tooth can be saved and the entire mouth restored. It is when people ignore a toothache that it becomes a very serious issue. A tooth that is cracked or has had a filling come out is extremely vulnerable to infection and decay. Tiny bacteria are always present within the mouth, and they can easily slip into the tiniest spaces inside the teeth and cause damage. Severe gum recession is another common cause of discomfort within the mouth that may not seem serious. However, when the roots of the teeth are exposed, damaging bacteria can attack the roots and cause a painful infection to set in. A toothache is the symptom of an issue that must be addressed to prevent serious oral health issues.

The entire team at Buford Family Dental wants to help care for your smile. Our goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. If you are experiencing any type of toothache or discomfort, please contact us right away.

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