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Composite Fillings

as low as $25/mo

Your teeth are not meant to look silver or gray due to dental repairs. You can fix dental problems without changing the color of your smile. Composite fillings are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that are white and can be color-matched to your teeth. Whether you need a cavity filled or want to hide dental flaws, composite resin can be used to keep your smile white and beautiful while protecting its health. Buford Family Dental offers composite fillings to repair tooth damage and to hide dental flaws at our office in Buford, GA.

Metal fillings have been used for decades to repair teeth due to their affordability. While amalgam or silver fillings are effective and durable, they are also unattractive and contain mercury. Even when used on back molars, metal fillings are noticeable when you talk or laugh. Composite fillings are white and match your smile while still offering durability and strength to your teeth. You can have a healthy smile without the need for gray fillings that change the appearance of your smile with the use of dental composite resin.

What is a Composite Resin?

To make composite resin for dental work, a special blend of plastics, glass and ceramics is used. This putty-like substance can be used for fillings or to cover dental flaws. The color of composite resin makes it desirable; it can be matched to your tooth color. Plus, it is more flexible than metal fillings, putting less stress on the teeth. This special resin is used for fillings and to repair teeth in dental bonding. It is almost impossible to see the resin on teeth and is quickly cured to a hardened state using a special light.

If you need a tooth repair or want to hide certain dental flaws, composite fillings or dental bonding is an excellent option. You can retain a white, beautiful smile without metal or amalgam that contains mercury at Buford Family Dental. To learn more, contact our office and ask about our tooth-colored fillings for a more beautiful smile.

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