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Tooth Pain Relief

When you have ongoing tooth pain, it is usually a symptom of a issue that needs dental treatment. Tooth pain means the nerve of the tooth is impacted, which resides inside the tooth. This can be caused by a crack in the tooth, decay or infection, all of which can jeopardize the health of your tooth. When you have tooth pain, give us a call at Buford Family Dental. We can stop the pain and treat the underlying cause to ensure the health of your smile.

Tooth pain can be very distracting. Covering the pain with medications is not the best answer. Whatever is causing the pain is still present; until it is resolved, you will continue to have pain and discomfort. We use the latest technology to uncover the reason for your tooth discomfort and offer quick treatments to repair your dental issues. There is no need to fear treatment, as we will make sure you are comfortable while we fix your painful tooth. Once the source of the problem is gone, the pain will also go away.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is another sign there is something wrong with your teeth or oral health. Jaw pain can be caused by misaligned teeth, TMJ or other jaw disorders. Those that grind their teeth in their sleep often have jaw pain, plus they may have damage to their teeth. If you have pain in your jaw, schedule an appointment at our office. We will diagnose the cause of the pain and offer treatment solutions to give you relief and protect your oral health.

Oral pain should never be ignored. Contact Buford Family Dental right away when you have tooth or jaw pain. If it is severe, we will ensure you get a prompt, emergency dental appointment to give you relief as soon as possible.

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