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Root Canals

When a tooth becomes infected, it can be very painful and the health of the tooth is jeopardized. Root canals offer one of the only general dentistry treatments to remove the infection from inside the canals of the tooth and save it from extraction. At Buford Family Dental, Dr. Patel and the rest of our dental team can help treat infected teeth with root canal therapy that can stop the pain and help retain your precious natural teeth.

The inner canals of your teeth are the most vulnerable to decay and infection. The softer pulp inside the tooth can quickly be eaten away by decay, which is why it is protected by the tough enamel and outer shell of tooth material. When bacteria find a way inside the tooth, it can quickly lead to infection. This can cause abscesses or inflammation that press on the nerves inside the canals, causing pain and discomfort. Once this occurs, the tooth begins to die and the only way to save it is to remove the infected pulp and damaged nerves through a root canal.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Sometimes the first and only sign of an infected tooth is pain. Other symptoms can include discolorations and bad breath. But pain is what often spurs a call to the dentist to get relief. Many people cringe when they hear they need a root canal, but it is not a procedure to fear. It is the quickest and most effective way to stop the pain while preserving the tooth. The technology we use at Buford Family Dental allows our team to expediently remove the diseased tooth material, disinfect the inner canals of the tooth and repack/reseal it. Once the infection is gone, so is the severe pain. We put a dental crown on the tooth to protect it from damage and your tooth is almost as good as new again.

If you have severe tooth pain, contact Buford Family Dental right away. We can stop the pain and protect your smile with root canal therapy or other treatments to repair your teeth.

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