Restorative DentistryBuford, GA

Losing one or more teeth is more than just a dental issue – it can affect your overall health and your self-confidence. Many people who lose teeth can no longer eat the foods they enjoy and need for their health. Plus, it can interfere with how they perceive their appearance, making them feel less confident to enjoy the social life they deserve. Restorative dentistry can fix these issues, offering functional teeth and a beautiful smile for improved health and aesthetic benefits. 

Dental Bridges

When you lose one or more teeth, you can feel self-conscious about your smile. Gaps can be embarrassing, but they can do more than just mar your appearance. Once one tooth is gone, the other teeth can begin to shift. Not only can this create crooked and misaligned teeth that are less attractive, they can be more difficult to clean. Dental bridges replace missing teeth while giving permanent support to your existing teeth for a healthier smile. Dental bridges use the teeth on either side of a missing tooth to support the dental crown that fills the gap. If you would like to learn more about dental bridges in Buford, GA, call our office today! 

Partial & Full Dentures

For those who still have many of their natural teeth, partial dentures can offer a cost-effective option to replace the gaps in their smile. Partial dentures fit around the existing teeth and fill the gaps with artificial teeth that look natural and are functional for chewing and speaking. Full dentures are designed to fit on your gums and are held in place with the help of a dental adhesive. The muscles in the mouth learn to work with dentures and after an initial adjustment period; most denture wearers become comfortable chewing, talking and laughing with their new teeth. When fitted properly, they can appear natural and have full function, giving you back your smile and supporting your facial muscles to help you look younger and more like yourself. They are less expensive than some other restorative options, making them an excellent choice for those on a tight budget or fixed income. If you are interested in dentures in Buford, GA, call our team today!

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