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Sedation Dentistry

Does the idea of having dental work performed cause you to feel anxiety? Many people avoid going to the dentist due to a fear of needles or some level of dental anxiety. This can lead to dental problems and even affect their overall health. At Buford Family Dental, we offer sedation dentistry to help our patients with dental anxiety get the oral care they need for a healthy smile and overall well-being.

Sedation dentistry gives patients an option to reduce stress and anxiety when getting dental treatments performed. This is helpful for those who fear the dentist, but it is useful for other patients as well. Some people have a very sensitive gag reflex or have trouble lying still for long or invasive dental treatments. Sedation helps these patients relax while our dental team does the work needed to care for their teeth and gums.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For those with moderate to severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation is a good option. It is also used for long or invasive procedures, and for those with a sensitive gag reflex. With this type of sedation, an oral medication is prescribed before your dental procedure. The medication is taken about an hour before the appointment to help relax the patient. While the medication does not put you to sleep, you will be in a deeply relaxed state. Due to the level of sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

“Laughing gas,” or nitrous oxide, is a safe and effective sedation option that has been used for decades in dental offices. This is a mild form of sedation that is breathed in and offers a calming, euphoric effect. You remain awake and conscious, but you may drift off with your own thoughts while our team completes your dental treatment. The effects wear off quickly as soon as you stop breathing in the gas, making it safe for you to drive home.

If you are interested in learning about our sedation options, contact Buford Family Dental today. We want to ensure you and your family are comfortable during your visits to our office to get the dental care you need for a healthy smile.

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