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Tooth Extractions

as low as $25/mo

Whenever possible, you want your teeth to last a lifetime. However, even with meticulous dental hygiene and preventive dental care, this is not always possible. Disease, trauma and other factors can lead to severe damage to teeth that is not always treatable. At Buford Family Dental, we always do our best to treat and save damaged teeth; but when it is not possible, we offer gentle tooth extractions to remove the diseased tooth.

Many dental health problems can be treated. Even a severely infected or broken tooth can often be fixed with a root canal or tooth repair. However, if a tooth is no longer viable, it can pose a health risk and should be removed. This can happen when the tooth structure is damaged down to the root or other serious tooth maladies make it impossible to restore the tooth health. Tooth extractions are always considered the last resort, and only recommended if it is in the best interest of our patient’s health.

Damaged Tooth Removal

No one wants to hear they need a tooth removed, especially those with dental anxiety. However, the procedure can be quick and painless, preventing further pain and problems. Our dentist, Dr. Patel, will ensure you understand the procedure and will carefully prepare for your procedure to ensure it goes smoothly. We will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed while we perform your tooth removal and give you detailed instructions for home care after your procedure to help you heal quickly.

Your health and comfort are important to us at Buford Family Dental. When you need a tooth removed, we will make the procedure as stress-free and painless as possible. Contact our office today to schedule your exam and consultation for your problem tooth. If it can be saved, we will give you treatment options. If it needs extraction, you can trust us to ensure you get the best care available for your procedure.

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