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Chipped Tooth Repair

Your teeth can withstand quite a bit of pressure and even some impact without damage. But if the exterior is chipped or cracked, the damage should be repaired quickly to keep any decay or infection from entering the interior of the tooth. Our experienced dental team at Buford Family Dental can repair broken, cracked or chipped teeth to protect the beauty and health of your smile with general dentistry.

The enamel, or outer covering, of your teeth is the hardest substance in the body, even harder than bone. It is meant to handle the pressure of chewing and protect the “live” inner portion of the tooth. When it is cracked or chipped, that protection is compromised. Left untreated, bacteria and decay can infiltrate the softer pulp inside the tooth, causing internal damage. This can lead to abscesses, pain and infected teeth that may need root canal therapy, or worse, extraction if the damage becomes too severe.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Small chips and cracks can be quickly filled or bonded to repair the outer portion of the tooth. Larger cracks and broken teeth may require more extensive repairs. This can include large fillings, bonding and dental crowns to protect the tooth. The extent of the damage will determine the type of repair needed to restore the tooth to health.

Catching tooth damage and repairing it quickly can prevent more extensive oral health problems. Not all chips or cracks are evident; they may not be painful or visible, which is why regular checkups are important. Repairing them before they allow more damage will help maintain the tooth health and reduce the need for more invasive and expensive dental treatments.

If you have a tooth that needs repair, come see us at Buford Family Dental. We have emergency dental appointments for broken or painful teeth and quick repair options for any dental damage. Contact us the next time you have a cracked or chipped tooth for a quick dental repair.

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