Inspire Smiles Project

Meals Provided

Dental procedures will allow the hungry to have meals to eat.

Dollars Worth of Medicine Provided

Dental procedures will ensure that someone in dire need of medicine receives the treatment they need.

Water Bucket Filters Provided

Access to clean water in third world country’s will be created due to procedures.

Malaria Nets Provided

Procedures will allow families will be protected from malaria.

We’re a dental practice that wants to help the world. We obviously love serving our community with dental health care, but we don’t want to limit ourselves. We have teamed up with amazing charities to give even more back to the community because dental health is just a piece of the puzzle, and we’d love to try to have a bigger and better impact on the health and happiness of all communities. That’s how something really special started to happen.

  • What if we could link a social cause to your dental procedures to positively impact millions around the world?
  • What if we could do this without any extra cost to the patients?
  • What if we could – dare we say – have fun doing it?
  • And ultimately, what if all this could inspire others to share their smiles as well?

What was once just a dental care provider transformed into a global health provider. How are we doing this?

The Inspire Smiles Project

It’s a lifelong commitment (as long as we’re around, at least) to give a portion of revenue from dental procedures to help those in need.

Easy. There is a list of dental services that align with a predetermined charity and donation percentage. Let’s say a patient needs a cleaning. They will go to the dentist and have the procedure done and pay whatever their normal amount is. A small portion of that revenue will go to a charity. Those portions make a large impact on communities around the world.

We’ve partnered with some amazing charities that do incredible work nationally and around the globe. So what are you waiting for? Ask us how you can help inspire smiles today!

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