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Dental Bridges

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When you lose one or more teeth, you can feel self-conscious about your smile. Gaps can be embarrassing, but they can do more than just mar your appearance. Once one tooth is gone, the other teeth can begin to shift. Not only can this create crooked and misaligned teeth that are less attractive, they can be more difficult to clean. Dental bridges are one of the cosmetic dentistry options available at Buford Family Dental to replace missing teeth while giving permanent support to your existing teeth for a healthier smile.

Dental bridges use your natural teeth to hold an artificial tooth, or pontic, in place. There are several different types of dental bridges, but the most common use the teeth on either side of a missing tooth to support the pontic that fills the gap. Pontics look similar to a dental crown and are designed to fit and align with your other teeth. They are connected to the surrounding teeth with bridgework that goes behind the teeth out of sight, creating a new, secure replacement tooth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can help give your natural teeth support while replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Once in place, the pontic helps stabilize the other teeth, keeping them from shifting. To create the bridge, dental crowns are placed on the abutment teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridgework is attached to the dental crowns, holding the artificial tooth in place. Once completed, the crowns and pontic look like a natural part of your smile. The bridgework is fixed in place, so the pontic will not move or slip, offering stable function for chewing and talking.

At Buford Family Dental, we offer several options for restoring missing teeth. Whether you need one tooth or many teeth replaced, we have options available, including dental bridges. Contact us today to schedule your dental restoration appointment.

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