Contact sports are invigorating to watch and play, but they can come at a price for the players. Teeth and mouth injuries are common due to impact. It is not just team sports like football; even skateboarding and other action sports can lead to oral damage without protection. With general dentistry from Buford Family Dental, we help our active patients protect their teeth with customized athletic mouthguards.

An impact to the mouth or jaw can easily become a dental emergency. A high-velocity impact at the right angle can break or crack a tooth, even jar it loose. There are good reasons professional athletes, like those in the NFL, wear mouthguards on every play. Even with a helmet, if the player’s head hits the ground or is hit by another player, a tooth could be broken or they may injure their tongue as they bite down during the hit. Mouthguards protect their teeth by adding support and insulation to their bite during impacts.

Custom Sports Mouthguards for Ultimate Protection

How well your athletic mouthguard protects your teeth depends on how it is made. There are inexpensive options that you can buy that form to your teeth, but these are not as comfortable or effective as a mouthguard made by your dentist. Our dental team can make a custom sports mouthguard that is made for your mouth and teeth, giving you or your child the best protection during impact. It is worth the investment; the cost for fixing broken teeth and other sports-related mouth injuries will be much higher than the money you spend on a quality mouthguard.

Make sure you have the right protection for your child or yourself while playing contact sports. Contact Buford Family Dental today to be fitted for a customized athletic mouthguard.