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Aftercare Instructions for Implant Placement Patients

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The process of implant placement can make you experience the following symptoms after the procedure:

    You may notice that there are small amounts of blood in the saliva which can make your saliva appear quite red. This is normal and may be noticed the rest of the day after the procedure.
    Smoking should be stopped after you undergo a surgery. Cigarette smoke chemicals in your body slow down the healing and success of the implant.
  3. PAIN
    It is normal for you to experience discomfort after surgery, but there are things you can do to minimize pain. Take pain medication as recommended by your dentist. This should be taken before the anesthesia wears off.
    Taking pain medications on an empty stomach usually causes nausea. But you can lessen it by preceding each pain pill with soft food, and taking the pill with a large glass of water.
    To minimize swelling, apply an ice bag to the face over the affected area. Apply for 15 minutes, then remove for 15 minutes. Continue this for the rest of the day.
    The local anesthetic will likely cause numbness for several hours after the procedure. Avoid biting, chewing, pinching, or scratching the numb area.

Also, please be careful in doing these activities after your Implant Placement procedure.

    It is recommended not to brush your teeth for the first 8 hours after surgery. When 8 hours is over, you can brush but just avoid the affected area for 3 more days.
    You should also avoid all rinsing or swishing for 24 hours after the surgery. After 24 hours you may begin gentle rinsing with a saltwater solution (1/2 teaspoon salt + 1/2 teaspoon soda + 8 ounces warm water). Do not use commercial mouth rinses. A prescription of antimicrobial mouth rinse may be given to you after the procedure.
  3. DIET
    Have a soft diet for the first two days. You can go back to normal regular meals as soon as you are able, after the first two days. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for 3-4 days following the procedure.
    After leaving the office, rest and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day. Keep your blood pressure lower to reduce bleeding and aid healing.

Additional Things to Remember:

  1. Take antibiotics as directed.
    If you were given an antibiotic prescription, take all of them as directed.
  2. Avoid blowing your nose.
    Avoid blowing your nose or playing a wind musical instrument for one week if your sinus was involved in the procedure. Use of decongestant medications might be recommended.
  3. Removable Appliances and Dentures
    Your dentist will give you specific instructions about your prosthesis. Your denture might be adjusted or significantly modified to avoid putting any pressure on the new implants before healing. In certain cases you will need to go without your dentures for days or weeks after the implants are put in. Until a new non-removable one can be made, a temporary removable treatment appliance may be applied.
  4. Follow-up Appointments
    Sutures have to be removed. So, you may need to return to the office within the first 14 days. You may need to return a few months after the implant has been done to have it exposed in preparation for the final prosthetic procedure.

Please call your dentist if you experience the following:

  • Uncontrollable pain
  • Excessive or severe bleeding
  • Marked fever
  • Excessive warm swelling occurring a few days after the procedure
  • Reactions to medications, especially rash, itching, or breathing problems

We want you to have faster healing once you leave our clinic so we are suggesting to follow these instructions properly. These will greatly add to your comfort and will help you avoid untoward events resulting from the procedure.

For any issues and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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