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Are Dental Sealants Right For You?

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Most parents are aware of dental sealants being a great preventive measure for protecting their children’s teeth, yet many do not realize that this same measure is available for them. Dental sealants can be used for patients of all ages to help prevent cavities from forming in the back molars.

The back molars have deep pits and fissures, which are simply deep recesses on the biting surfaces. The molars are designed with these recesses to help you chew food and break it down into very small bits that are easily swallowed. While it is necessary for these teeth to be rough and have pits and fissures, these characteristics can often lead to problems with cavities and decay.

Food particles are easily trapped in the back molars, and they can hang out for hours at a time. Think about this, if you brush your teeth first thing in the morning and then do not brush again until it is time for bed – all of the food from meals and snacks that you have consumed have left behind particles in your mouth. If that encourages you to brush between meals, good for you! But those who go all day without brushing are leaving their teeth under constant assault. This is where dental sealants are extremely beneficial.

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are painted on the back teeth to “seal out” decay. Sealants are applied to the back molars to fill in the pits and fissures, creating a smooth surface which is much easier to clean. This smooth surface also prevents food particles from becoming trapped in your teeth and “hanging out” all day long.

Dental sealants are not specifically for children, although most patients who receive dental sealants are adolescents. If you are prone to cavities, have deep recesses in your molars, or are simply looking for an easy way to care for your smile – dental sealants are a great option. Dental sealants are relatively inexpensive, and they are quick and easy to apply.

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