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Do You Need Mouthwash?

You go to the drug store to pick up some toothpaste, and you notice that there is a wide variety of mouthwash on the shelves. You do not currently use mouthwash, and you may ask yourself if you should be using it. The truth is that the answer depends on your oral health.

When it comes to taking proper care of your smile, there are two essential steps:

Flossing is actually the most important part of your oral health routine. Floss is the only tool that is designed to remove plaque from the teeth and gum line.

Brushing helps remove the plaque that flossing has loosened and helps freshen your breath. If you are consistent with both flossing and brushing, you probably do not need to add mouthwash to your oral health routine.

However, for those who do not floss regularly – and that is many people – adding mouthwash to your daily routine can be beneficial. Of course, mouthwash should never replace flossing or brushing, but it can help you’re your mouth clean.

Mouthwash with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval will have the necessary ingredients to prevent cavities and decay. These mouthwash options will kill bacteria inside your mouth. It is essential to understand, though, that mouthwash will not rinse away the bacteria that has attached to your teeth. When you go to the dentist and your teeth need to be scraped, it is because plaque has hardened into tartar and must be scraped off. If you choose not to floss but use mouthwash, be prepared to undergo a lot of scraping by your dental hygienist.

Mouthwash can also benefit pregnant women. The gums are more susceptible to infection throughout pregnancy, and mouthwash can help keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Buford Family Dentistry encourages you to take proper care of your smile.

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