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Don’t Forget Your Insurance Policy

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There are so many things to remember being a parent – did your child do his homework? Did your daughter study for her test? Which child has a birthday party this upcoming weekend?

As a parent, you juggle many responsibilities, and at Buford Family Dental, we want to help by giving you a friendly reminder:

Don’t forget about your insurance policy!

With 2020 coming to a close, we are all excited to put this crazy year behind us. We hope that 2021 will bring about positive changes. But, as the year closes, it is important to make sure that you have gotten the full benefits out of your dental insurance policy.

No one likes to waste money. We all work hard for our paychecks, and throwing money away does not make sense. Well, it is important to have that same mindset when it comes to your dental insurance. You pay money towards a premium each month that provides your family with dental coverage throughout each calendar year. If you do not use the coverage you pay for, it is wasted because it does not roll over into a new calendar year.

Insurance policies typically begin January 01 and run through December 31. All policies provide a certain amount of monetary coverage per person to be applied towards dental cleanings and dental work. Typical dental coverage gives each person $1,000 – $1,500 for regular dental exams and X-rays, and it covers 50% – 80% of any needed dental work. Of course, you will want to check your own policy for the exact coverage your family has.

While it is easy to put off dental visits, procrastination can cost you. With the year ending, many people are thinking about their dental coverage and are making appointments. It is often harder to get an appointment at your desired time when you wait until the end of the year. By calling today, you have a better chance to make an appointment that works with your schedule. It is also imperative to remember that certain dental procedures require multiple visits. If you know that you need dental work done, please call us as soon as possible so that we can work your needed appointments into our schedules.

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