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Fresh Breath

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Buford Family Dental offers effective treatment for bad breath. If you have severe bad breath then you have something called Halitosis and it may be a symptom that you have other, more serious, oral health issues.

The natural progression that happens when you have bad breath goes something like this:

  1. You notice you have bad breath, and you attempt a tooth brushing to wash and brush away the “funky” smell.
  2. The tooth brushing doesn’t seem to do the trick so you gargle with some mouthwash, which gives you a zip of a minty smell that lasts for about 10 minutes, until you take a swig of your morning coffee and you wash away the minty freshness.
  3. Your bad breath continues to linger and you find yourself taking a tiny step backwards when you talk to people so they won’t notice your breath.
  4. Score! You found a piece of gum in your purse and you stick that in your mouth for an hour’s worth of masking whatever it is that is causing the strong smell coming from your mouth.
  5. Unsuccessful methods and attempts to freshen your breath leave you disappointed and discouraged.

If none of these methods work in combatting your bad breath, then you probably have Halitosis. Halitosis is symptomatic of deeper dental issues that need to be addressed, and a piece of gum or swishing of mouthwash will not help.

Contact Buford Family Dental for a complete checkup and cleaning so we can help pinpoint the cause of your bad breath, and help you find relief from it.

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