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Taming Your TMD Symptoms

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Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a condition that has signs and symptoms associated with it. The signs and symptoms vary from person-to-person. Some typical symptoms include pain in or around your ear, tender jaw muscles, headaches, painful yawning or chewing, clicking or popping jaw noises, “locked” jaw joints, and difficulty opening or closing your mouth.

If you have been diagnosed with TMD, your disorder needs to be managed well. Treatment is available for you, depending on the extent of your TMD diagnosis. Our dental team at Buford Family Dental will address the underlying causes of your disorder and treat it to give you the relief you need. We use advanced dental technology to give you relief from your pain and discomfort related to your TMD.

In addition to Buford Family Dental’s treatment, we also recommend some practices that will help you get relief from your condition.

Taming Your TMD Symptoms

  • Choose soft foods
  • Avoid chewing foods that aggravate your symptoms
  • Minimize jaw movements such as yawning, yelping or singing
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • To relieve pain, you can apply heat or ice packs
  • You can read about using essential oils at
  • Strengthen your jaw muscle with proper exercises
  • Sometimes, a night guard or bite place can help reduce symptoms
  • Practice relaxation techniques for your jaw
  • Massage your face, cheeks, and temples

If you have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with TMD/TMJ schedule your appointment with Buford Family Dental. We will find the source of your jaw pain and offer a treatment solution to give you relief.

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