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You Don’t Have To Go Halfway Around The World This Summer To Make A Big Impact

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Together, let’s make the world a better place.

Summer trips are in full swing. Many people use their summer time to make an impact around the world. Churches, schools, sports teams, and other organizations spend lots of money and time to travel around the world to help those in need. We applaud you if you’re one of the many sacrificing in this way.

If You Can’t Go

If time, money, responsibilities, or distance is preventing you from taking a helping trip to another country, there are still ways you can make a big difference from the convenience of your community. You have the ability to impact millions around the world right where you are. 

Inspire Smiles Project

Buford Family Dental is part of the Inspire Smiles Project. Its goal is to help the world one smile at a time. By teaming up with charities around the world, we are committed to giving a portion of revenue from our dental procedures to help those in need. It’s a simple concept with a significant impact. Each dental service is aligned with a predetermined charity and donation percentage. When the dental service is performed, a small portion of that revenue will go to a charity for communities around the world. 

Let’s Help The World Together

Book your dental appointment with Buford Family Dental today and let’s start making an impact on our world, one smile at a time. 

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