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Aetna Dental Insurance Accepted

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Among the major dental insurance plans accepted at Buford Family Dental is Aetna dental insurance. We encourage you to make full use of your Aetna dental plan by scheduling exams for yourself and your family. Keeping mouths healthy is what we do, and we encourage our patients to continue the work at home. Preventive care is the most cost-effective way to keep your dental costs low, and it all begins with a comprehensive dental exam.

Your Aetna coverage includes preventive care. Your oral exam, dental x-rays and professional cleaning are part of this. When you get regular dental checkups, you lower your risk for developing expensive dental problems. If your mouth is not in good health, the comprehensive oral exam will identify those areas that need to be addressed and those that need to be monitored.

Dentists that Accept Aetna

Your Aetna Dental Insurance is welcome at Buford Family Dental. We can help you make the most of your insurance dollars by helping you identify the best way to achieve and maintain oral health for you and your family. With deductibles, timeframes and knowing what procedures are covered and to what extent, deciding the most advantageous route to oral health can be confusing. We will work with you so you can get the maximum benefit for your money.

Healthy teeth and gums can give you a beautiful smile, but more importantly, they also contribute to your general health and well-being. Signs of deteriorating oral health may indicate more systemic problems as well, but when you keep your oral health at its optimum level, you lower the risk for other problems like type 2 diabetes, heart problems and stroke.

Getting kids started on dental care early is important, too. Take advantage of the preventive care covered by your Aetna insurance. This can result in fewer cavities, better oral health and you will be setting the foundation for a lifelong commitment to good oral health for your children.

Make full use of your Aetna dental insurance at Buford Family Dental. Schedule an appointment for the entire family. Keep those smiles bright and healthy with a trip to Buford Family Dental.

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